Ralph Rubio of Rubio's Restaurants

We had the pleasure of spending time with Ralph Rubio, owner of Rubio’s Restaurants, who just marked their 30th Anniversary.  We  are HUGE fans of Rubio’s and are even more so after learning about the rich history and passion behind Rubio’s.

In this interview, Ralph Rubio shares how Rubio’s was born…a fascinating story with family and a true passion at its core.  The time Ralph Rubio spent developing the fish taco recipe became the basis for everything Rubio’s stands for today: memorable and complex flavors in chef-crafted recipes that feature sustainable seafood where possible and the freshest, quality ingredients.

As Rubio’s marks its 30-year anniversary and looks toward the future, fans and friends should stay tuned for more details surrounding new menu items, the online merchandise store, upcoming initiatives, and the Rubio’s World Oceans Day celebration.

Thank you for joining us on OC MomTV to learn about this history of Rubio’s Restaurants and their 30th Anniversary.

For more information, visit: http://rubios.com.