Lilo & Stich is one of my daughters favorite Disney movies. When we learned that it was being released on DVD & Blu-ray, she was eager to get a copy for her video collection. The new release comes in a 3-disc combo pack with Lilo & Stitch & Lilo & Stitch II on blu-ray and DVD. Families can get both copies of the film at a great value price. Getting a chance to see our favorite alien dance the hula in Blu-ray was like getting to see the film for the first time.

Both of the Lilo & Stitch films are rated PG. The feature film has a running time of 85 minutes while Lilo & Stitch 2 has a running time of 68 minutes. Both of the films have been digitally remastered for the new release, and can be played in English, French or Spanish with subtitles. The collection is available in stores now for $19.99.

We received a copy of the film for review purposes only.