There was a knock on the door today, and to our surprise it was the Dean of Monster’s University, Mrs. Hardscrabble. Immediately, we all screamed when we saw a monster at our door, but we pleasantly surprised to learn that she was not at all a mean monster. Mrs. Hardscrabble had come to deliver our acceptance letter to attend the School of Scaring at Monsters University next week.

We were so honored to be accepted into the University, and we were even more thrilled to have a monster personally deliver our acceptance letter. With her bright green face, razor-sharp teeth and bright orange hair, she read all of the requirements needed before attending Monster’s University next week.

After she had left, we put our new University sticker on our monstermobile, starting packing our bags as we prepare to fly to the University on Monday. We will be spending the remainder of the week practicing our scare tactics, zombie snarls so that we will meet the true measurements of the tops scarers.

Disclosure: We are being provided with an all-expenses trip to Monster’s University on behalf of Disney. All of our photos and videos are property of OC Mom TV and cannot be used without permission. We were not compensated for this post. All of our thoughts and opinions about how to be a top scarer are of our own.