Rubio's restaurant

We has the pleasure of spending the morning with Ralph Rubio from Rubio’s Restaurants.  In today’s world, many of us are more conscious about what we feed ourselves and our families. Rubio’s has a passion for using sustainable seafood in its restaurants. This combined with their fresh ingredients make it a healthy dining option.

rubio's fish taco

In this interview, Ralph Rubio shares more information with us about these efforts.  Rubio’s strives to offer seafood that is certified sustainable or from responsibly managed fisheries that maintain healthy populations and ecosystems.  Sustainable seafood is fished or farmed using practices that maintain or increase seafood populations without harming the environment.  Rubio’s uses 85 percent sustainable seafood in its restaurants; Rubio’s wild caught seafood is certified sustainable through the Marine Stewardship Council and The Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices.